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Dear Members:
The Bright Exchange has changed to a web site based system. The PRIVATE MEMBERS’ AREA includes: • Directory to view • Update your own member profile, offers and needs • Do your own transactions at any time • Request updates (frequency to suit you) • Log time restricted offers and needs • Respond to offers and needs • View latest news and meeting minutes. We will arrange a ‘buddy’ system for those without access to computers. We will offer support to log on and use the website. OPTING OUT: If you no longer want to be a member of Brights do please let us know.
Socials: We will be hosting regular socials for members to get together. The first of these will be Sunday Brunch (bring food/snacks to share) Date: Sunday 28 May 2017 from 12.00 to 1.30pm, at Deborah’s, (address omitted) , Deborah 01273 875304, contact: Support will be available on the day to get online and use the website. We look forward to seeing you,
Sincerely, Core group - Deborah, Suzi, Maggie.

Hello to all Members: You are invited to a social and training event on Sunday 12 February 2017 between 2.00 - 4.00 pm. This is at Bob Deschene's place in West Hove. Mary Fee from LETSlink will be offering training on using the new website. Be there or be square! See the latest newsletter for further details. We are also offering new Core group roles for members who can offer their skills.
From your Core group Maggie, Deborah, Suzie and Pat

We are a friendly network, we help each other out, and we can say thank you with "brights". On this website we can update our own profiles and Offers & Wants whenever we want. Our first training meeting was held on Sunday 12th February 2017 - the picture shows some of those who attended. We are in the process of contacting members who have not yet logged on to help them to access the website - if you need help, please Contact Us!. If you are not yet a member go to: Welcome/Join. Watch this space for news of our next social:

Welcome to our Members Area
Hurrah! The Brights Exchange now has a Members Area, which means that members can update their own profiles and Offers & Wants whenever they want, and can even do online transactions!
This site has been available for some time. The first step in customising it was to upload PDFs of pages on our previous website. On Friday 7th October 2016, Deborah, our co-ordinator, and Mary Fee, of LETSlink UK had a collaborative session. On Saturday 26th November we had a Core Group meeting and introduced the others to the online system. The next task is to add details of current members to the database, after which we will be organising a meeting to introduce the new online system to all the members.
October-December 2016